Melania Trump came under hysterical liberal attacks over some renovations she is doing on the White House grounds. Every President and family make slight changes to the White House and the grounds and the Trump’s are no different. She tweeted out a picture of construction under progress on a new tennis pavilion saying: “I am

Hillary Clinton is still bitter and she is whining her way through her promotional tour for her new Hulu show. The show is about Bill and Hillary – their egos demand it – and it could be looked on as a last chance at redemption. Except they won’t get any because in order to be

CHICAGO – As U.S. President Donald Trump touted the signing of a U.S.-China trade deal in January, he told cash-strapped farmers they would soon need bigger tractors and “a little more land” to meet additional Chinese demand for U.S. agricultural goods. His administration assured farmers that they would no longer need the billions in aid

The Justice Department, led by Attorney General William Barr, said Friday that it is formally amending regulations and pushing forward with a plan to collect DNA from immigration detainees. Brynn Anderson/AP Starting in April, immigration authorities will start taking cheek swabs to collect DNA from hundreds of thousands of immigration detainees in federal custody each

The commander of U.S. Army Europe and several of his staff members are in self-quarantine on Monday due to potential exposure to coronavirus, the Army said. Lt. Gen. Christopher Cavoli and the staff members may have been exposed at a recent conference, U.S. Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy said in a statement. While officials did not

Hillary Clinton is hanging her head in shame after the judge just threw the book at Harvey Weinstein, her long-time donor. Judge James Burke just sentenced Harvey, a convicted rapist, to 23 years in prison – basically a life sentence especially when you consider he still faces charges in California. From The Hollywood Reporter: Harvey

President Trump just made his long-awaited endorsement in the critical Alabama Senate race. There are two GOP candidates vying for the chance to send Doug Jones home. Jones won a shocking victory when he beat Roy Moore turning this GOP held Senate seat blue for the first time in recent memory. Trump knows the GOP

Prince Harry just got caught up in an international incident after falling for a prank from the famous Russian Youtubers who got Schiff asking for Trump’s nude pictures. This time they pretended they were Great Thunberg and got Prince Harry to trash President Trump. Remember, Harry’s new wife hates Trump saying during the 2016 election:

The man Joe Biden snapped at in Michigan over the second amendment broke his silence on Fox and Friends today. The man went viral after accusing Biden of “actively trying to end our second amendment right.” Biden responded, “You’re full of sh*t, I support the second amendment,” Biden said before listing off the guns he