Moments Into Joe Biden’s Victory Speech – Video Captures Him Losing Control Of His Teeth Again

Joe Biden just might stumble over that Democratic finish line, walker and all—but the wheels of his campaign might fall off before he makes it.

Plenty of people are worrying about the candidate’s mental state.

In recent weeks, he’s forgotten what office he’s running for. He’s forgotten what state he’s in. He couldn’t even remember the name of his old boss (it’s Obama, Joe).

Then there was the outburst at that auto worker.

But oddest of all is what’s happening to the man’s teeth. Looks like they might get the great escape they’ve been fighting for all this time.

From Twitter:

Quiet..measured. And teeth popping out of his mouth. This is a different tone than the one he takes with auto workers.

Yikes. As Joe Biden tries to look calm and controlled, his teeth appear to slip from his mouth.

Dang, dude. It’s called Fixodent. Get some.

Does this look familiar? It should. Because it’s not even the first time we’ve seen it happen!

From Twitter:

Did anybody else notice that 54 minutes into the debate former VP Joe Biden’s teeth came loose? #DemocraticDebate2020

I mean, wow. This is guy is running for the White House, but he can’t even keep his teeth in his mouth?

Why doesn’t one of his many handlers make sure they’re in there before he speaks?

His wife is literally right beside him. Why didn’t she do a “denture check” before they went out?

If that doesn’t trouble you, you’re not paying attention.

Hate to break it to you, Joe, but you might be past your sell-by date.

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