President Trump Blindsides Nancy Pelosi – Accuses Her Of Trying To Whip Up A National Panic

President Trump is using the full power of the federal government to keep Americans safe. That’s been true since day one of his administration.
That’s especially true today.
Donald Trump is working closely with the CDC on the international spread of the coronavirus. He’s even taken steps to limit travel—a key move that has limited its spread within our borders.
But Pelosi is demanding mountains of cash to battle the problem and accusing Trump of making things worse. Big surprise, right?
Trump’s not putting up with this—he just exposed what she’s really trying to do.
From The Hill:
President Trump on Wednesday accused Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) of trying to create a panic over the coronavirus, hitting back after she said he didn’t know what he was talking about on the subject.
“She’s trying to create a panic,” Trump told reporters in a rare appearance in the White House briefing room to discuss the virus, adding there was no reason for one.
Boom. Trump called out Pelosi’s game over CDC funding, saying she is trying to create a panic.
Only 60 people have been infected so far, and everyone has survived as of today – that’s an infinitesimally small number compared to 329 million Americans.
Pelosi and Schumer complained, even after Trump requested $2.5 billion to assist the CDC’s efforts. They said they wanted much, much more cash—of course the big spenders do.
We shouldn’t be surprised by that. It seems the Democrats’ solution to any problem is to spend money, YOUR money.
Instead of acknowledging the necessary steps Trump has taken to protect us, Nance accused Trump of “not knowing what he’s talking about.”
Yeah, because the President of the United States, who continues to communicate with intelligence agencies, the CDC, and the military, knows nothing. Really, Nancy?
Trump responded that Nancy is trying to create panic. Makes sense. Fear over this issue could have an impact on the stock market and other sectors of the economy. That might scare enough Americans… who are about to go vote soon.
Is Pelosi spreading fear, just to somehow influence the upcoming election?
We won’t judge her on it, but maybe she should back off and let the President do her job.
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